Dwarf Acorus (Acorus gramineus var. pusillus) - Live Aquatic Plant

Dwarf Acorus (Acorus gramineus var. pusillus)

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Acorus gramineus var. pusillus is a terrarium plant. Dwarf Acorus is sometimes used as an aquarium plant but will only last several months completely submerged. After several months of aquarium use, it must be grown above water for several months to rejuvenate. This plant is strong and can be used in Cichlid tanks for short periods.
Common Name: Dwarf Acorus
Family Name: Acoraceae
Native To: Eastern Asia
Lighting: Medium
pH: 6 - 8
Growth Demands: Moderate
Growth Form: Upright
Growth Rate: Slow
True Aquatic: Terrarium
Placement in Tank: Fore - Midground

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