Green Water Roses (Alternanthera bettzickiana "Aurea") - Live Aquatic Plant

Alternanthera Cardinalis

price 4.99 EUR (5 x stems)

Perennial herb , pubescent at the base. Alternanthera bettzickiana "Aurea" thermophilic ; temperature below 18 ° C can not tolerate. Leaves browned. U - shape of the plant above the ground forms a branched creeping stems. A third of them rectified and begins to branch profusely near the water surface. If you press the stalk stone to the ground, instead of oppressed pair of leaves there is a set of white roots, by which new offspring easily rooted. When Green Water Roses start to fall leaves, plants should be replaced. In terms of aquarium plants need good light and slightly acidic water.
Temperature : 18-30 ° C
Height: 20 cm
Location: background
Light: 0.4-0.5 W / L
Water Hardness: 4 - 12 ° N
PH: 6.8-7.0 pH
Growth rate: Slow

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