Telanthera Cardinalis - Alternanthera reineckii 'Splendida' - Live Aquatic Plant

Telanthera Cardinalis - Alternanthera reineckii 'Splendida'

price 5.99 EUR (5x stems)
Telanthera Cardinalis very attractive stem plants, leaves arranged opposite location. The nodes of the surface image of the flower shoots. Leaf color is bright red, sometimes purple or lilac. Leaf color and appearance of the plant depends on the nature of light. Alternantera weak root system develops at the base of the stem, and many additional roots in the leaf axils. Alternantera obtains nutrients mostly directly from water. In vitro alternantera easily propagated vegetatively by cuttings. The stem can be divided into parts, each of which should be 5.6 units. We left to float on the surface of the cuttings rooted quickly formed, after which they can be planted in the ground. But this is not required, as the plant can satisfactorily some time to develop as a float. Put a loose group in the middle and background of the aquarium so that runners do not interfere with each other to grow. Lighting should be bright. It is also important enough concentration of CO2 fertilization with iron and potassium.
Family: Amarantheceae
Origin: South America
Height: 20 cm - 40 cm
Width: 10 - 15 cm
Lighting: strong , very strong : 0.5-0.7 W / L
Water temperature 22-28 ° C
KH 2-12 °
pH 5,5-7,5
Growth rate: very slow
Substrate type : fine-grained soil
Method of propagation : cuttings
Location in the aquarium : middle and background
Difficulty: Medium