Bateri Tall Form - Anubias barteri var. barteri - Live Aquatic Plant

Bateri Tall Form - Anubias barteri var. barteri

price $8.99 - $24.99 (Mother Plant)
Family - Araseae.
Homeland Anubias Barteri West and Central Africa. It grows in the shade of the trees along the banks of rivers, streams and wetlands, emerging from the coast in the rainy season.
Anubias Barteri simple asymmetrical leaves collected in the outlet. At the touch they are thick, green to light green, glossy top and velvety below. Heart-shaped leaf base with whitish spots. Lamina length 10 cm, width 5 cm primary leaves vein pronounced and defines the lower side edge. Lateral veins are almost invisible. Cuttings equal sheet length, but may be slightly longer. Rhizome creeping, thick, fleshy, sometimes branched, relatively adventitious roots penetrate deeply into the soil. At the height of anubias Barter grows up to 25 - 30 cm
Anubias Barteri grows very slowly. In the aquarium, low plants planted group, high - one by one. Anubias adapts well to underwater conditions. As well it can be grown in paludariums. Because of their hard leaf plant for aquariums contained therein cichlids.
Parameters for water content Anubias Barteri stiffness 2-15 0 level pH 6.4-7.8, temperature 26-28 ° C. Requires weekly water changes. Lighting should be scattered, rate not to exceed 0.3 W / l. Rooting plant can be coarse-grained sand or soil. It is desirable to add birch charcoal.
Subsidiaries propagated Anubias Barteri plants sprouting from the buds on the rhizome or unopened kidney rhizomes when dividing.

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