Anubias gracilis - Live Aquatic Plant

Anubias gracilis

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West Africa; Anubias gracilis are found in Sierra Leone and Guinea.
Lighting Requirements
Anubias gracilis prefer low to medium lighting levels, however are able adapt to the aquarium lighting that is running.
These plants reproduce by rhizomes, when they're first adding to the tank make sure that rhizomes are above the substrate, or not buried too deep as being placed too deep causes the rhizome to rot. Simply divide the rhizome into pieces if you want to propagate this plant. Each division will form a new plant. This specie does well when attached to objects sich as rocks, caves or wood. Attaching these Anubias and leaving them grow on the substrate is another option how to grow them.
This Anubias species - just like other Anubias species - is quite easy to care for in a fish tank. Water chemistry is not usually a problem since the adapting ability of these Anubias is huge. Moreover Anubias gracilis should never need cutting back.
Short Description
This is quite a tall plant for the Anubias species. The stems can rise up to 12” and the leaves are shaped like spades with a rich green colouration. It does not like to be crowded so leave space around the plant to give it room to grow. Similar plants profiles in our database:

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