Anubias heterophylla, anubias congensis - Live Aquatic Plant

Anubias heterophylla, anubias congensis

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Anubias Congensis is tropical species from Western Africa, where it is common amongst the rivers, streams and bogs found in the region. Previously, this species was rarely seen within the aquarium hobby as the regions of Africa in which it grows were unstable due to warfare. More recently though exporters were able to export a sufficient amount of the species in order to establish farm raising of the plant. Anubias Congensis are now readily attainable within the hobby, which gives hobbyist's another hardy Anubias species that can thrive in a variety of conditions and aquarium setups. Anubias Congensis are excellent for Cichlid aquarium setups, as their thick strong leaves and root systems make them up to the challenge of co-existing with larger Cichlid species. They are also not on the menu for most all Herbivores, which makes them great additions to aquariums housing larger freshwater herbivores.

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