Anubias barteri var. bonsai (nana petite) - Live Aquatic Plant

Anubias barteri var. bonsai (nana petite)
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Anubias barteri var. nana petite, also known as is a Anubias barteri var. bonzai, is a miniature cultivar of A. barteri. The leaves of this species are small, making the plant ideal for smaller aquaria, and it will form thick carpets with time. As with most Anubias spp., this species is suitable for tropical and cold water home aquaria.
Maximum height: 2-10 cm (1-4 inches)
Place in aquarium: on rocks, wood and other surfaces
Growth: slow
Water type: any
Recommended water temperature: 18-28 °C
Light conditions: any
Preparation for planting: attach the plant to wood, rock or other decoration using cotton thread or rubber bands, making sure that the rhizome is exposed to the water and the fish cannot become trapped in the thread.