Cabomba aquatica - Live Aquatic Plant

Cabomba aquatica

price - $5.99 (5 x stems)
Family - Cabombaceae Extremely original underwater plant of the family Nympheaseae. Its rhizome creeping, creeping, let the stems of the nodes. Stems rise up first, but then fall under its own weight and forked branch. But the main originality kabomby represent its underwater leaves that are not solid, like everyone else Nymphaeales and fan-shaped , like leaves Myriophylluma, or water buttercup. Their color, depending on the variety, or shiny metallic dark green, or, what is even more beautiful - a reddish. With regard to the so-called Cabomba piauhyensis, being very temperamental, it retains pink color of its leaves only when the winter the water tank is heated up to 19-20 ° R., changing at least once a week and the aquarium itself is on the possible bright place. In addition to these leaves in Cabomba there are small surface, coarsely cut up a few leathery, but they appear in aquarium plants are very rare. Flowers are small, silvery- white with a yellow middle or simply yellowish three petals and three sepal. Sepal green outside, but the inside of the same color with petals. Flowers solitary, axillary, leaving one on a long stalk of the leaf axils and bloom over the water at a height of about two inches. By ottsvetenii petals and sepal folded outwards to peduncle. Flowering occurs in early spring, in April or May. Propagated easily Cabomba aquatica stem or rhizome pieces, each of which is provided with a beam roots. Such pieces are planted in pots with a mixture of humus and sand and put on the bottom of the aquarium. Poor is in lime water. Light Cabomba aquatica loves pretty strong in the shade often yellows. Then in leaf axils of young roots appear and every caper, being cut off and planted on the bottom, giving a new plant. Height, cm 30-50, pH 6.5-7, dGH 4-10, 23-25, High , Light - Strong ,Reproduction - Vegetative.

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