Hornwort - Ceratophyllum demersum "rotstengelig" - Live Aquatic Plant

Ceratophyllum demersum rotstengelig

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Family : Ceratophyllum
Description: stalk 1.5 mm thick, soft, dark-red color, in each node formed two side shoots up to 10 cm in length, to the top of the plant are shortened, making the entire plant becomes narrow conical silhouette. Leaves 7 -11 - membered whorls, 3-4 cm in size, from light to dark green in color. Leves single , 2 (4 ) segments of the lower side is a side row of needles. Winter buds length 1.5 to 0.4 cm thick.
Male flower with red stamens 15-25. The fruit is not found.
Culture : Ceratophyllum demersum " rotstengelіg " from Mexico enriches aquarium decorative flora. The plant is easily identified because of the dark red stem. Further, in the aquarium are often formed male and female flowers are sometimes tiny . In accordance with the experiences plants are easily cultivated in the average intensity of light in the water medium to hard with a pH of 6.5-8.5. In an alkaline medium and under intense illumination increase was particularly active, and shoots formed very brittle, with a high content of calcium and squat habit. Plant is used either free creeping or aquariums in high group, strengthened in the ground (rootless aquatic plant), but then because of the rapid growth of the plant is necessary to classify each week anew. Optimum temperature of 24-29 ° C. Do hornwort aquarium winter buds are formed.
Ecology: described Ceratophyllum demersum " rotstengelіg " author in July 1997 gathering in Lake. Catemaco on the east coast of Mexico, where it is used in large quantities (presumably) as feed commercial fish (tilapia). Analysis showed the lake water temperature at the surface of 26,3 ° C, pH 8,2; GH 3 ° dH; KH 4 ° dH; conductivity of 140 μS / cm.