Hornwort - Ceratophyllum demersum - Live Aquatic Plant

Hornwort Ceratophyllum demersum

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Family: Ceratophyllaceae Grows in stagnant ponds and slow-flowing water. Rootless aquatic plant with an elongated stem and whorled leaf arrangement. The plant is planted in the ground on the group average, or background, or allowed to swim in the water column .
Lighting: 0.3-0.4 W / l .
Water : 16-28 ° C, RH 5-15 °, pH 6-7.5 .
Propagated by cuttings .
Common in warm temperate regions around the globe.
Stem plants with needle-like leaves of dark green and reddish stems . Growing in the water column. Do aquarium hobbyists Hornwort circulated very widely , as it grows very quickly and very unpretentious .
Under the conditions of the aquarium, as well as in nature, there is a seasonal growth hornwort. In winter, growth is slowing, Hornwort sinks to the bottom and saves only the apical escape.
Hornwort can grow in any aquarium : coldwater , tropical and warm temperate. At high water temperature 24-28 ° C, the plant develops extremely rapidly. Particularly favorable for him moderately hard water with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction. In soft water with acidic Hornwort growing somewhat worse. Plant needs a fresh, often substituting for water. When the turbidity particles quickly settle on its hornworts and spoil its appearance. When this plant tolerates appearance on leaves plaque and fouling enough firmness. Contaminated branches should be rinsed in clean running water and put back into the aquarium.
Particular attention should be paid to the light. Despite the dark color, plant enough photophilous. Most useful for him natural diffused light. From direct sunlight Hornwort better cover . Algae on its leaves are rarely settled.
Artificial lighting should be bright enough. Can be used incandescent and fluorescent lamps type LB whose capacity should not be less than 0.3 watts per 1 liter of the aquarium. It should be noted that the color of plants for all types of artificial lighting is slightly inferior to its color in natural light. Daylength should be substantially about 14 hours (preferably at least 12 hours).
In mineral fertilizing Hornwort does not need, it is enough substances entering fresh water and food for fish. Plant can be grown floating in the water column, and can be planted in the ground. Its root system is very weak and significant role in the diet does not play.
In autumn , when the lighting is deteriorating growth slows hornwort, and stems fall to the bottom. While maintaining high water temperature and artificial light growth continues for quite some time, but later a rest period still occurs. By reducing the water temperature to 12-14 ° C in the plant saved apical buds that develop new stems in spring .
Hornwort very easily propagated by dividing the stem. To get a new plant, it suffices to take a very small piece of the stem.

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