Water Sprite (Ceratopteris cornuta) - Live Aquatic Plant

Water Sprite (Ceratopteris cornuta)

price - $3.99 (5 x plants)
Water Sprite (Ceratopteris cornuta) equally successfully used as a float in the water and underwater plants. On the floating leaves of the plant produces small appendages successfully rooting in the ground for further development.
With sufficient illumination Water Sprite is growing amazingly fast, and as it takes on greater rigor of the light and absorbs large amounts of nutrients from the water, it is used for the control of noxious weeds . Great for first-run aquarium. The roots of the free-floating in the aquarium fern provide good protection for the newborn fry. Sometimes mistakenly called this plant Ceratopteris thalictroides.
Wing- fern grows very quickly , capturing most of the aquarium . Particularly rapid growth is observed in the fern free-floating in the water column is not fixed in the ground. It looks good and with a flourish , but takes on a lot of light , and this in other plants may come " lighting fast" . Due to its unpretentious and rapid growth is a good plant for beginners!

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