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Cryptocoryne affinis Cryptocoryne haerteliana

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Siblings Cryptocoryne (Cryptocoryne affinis or Cryptocoryne haerteliana).
Motherland - Malaysia .
One of the most common in the aquarium Cryptocoryne. Is very popular due to the beautiful color of leaves - longitudinally striped , dark green above and maroon- purple below, as well as the ability to grow in a variety of conditions. Forms dense thickets up to 30-35 cm Positioning plant should be in the middle ground and the side walls of the aquarium.
Temperature during the growth of the crypts may vary within a wide range - from 20 to 28 ° C. At temperatures below 20 ° C, the growth slows significantly. Well developed Cryptocoryne only medium hardness water, of from 8 to 20 °, with the neutral or slightly alkaline reaction (pH 7-8). In a soft, old water plant feels good, but at the next water change or cleaning the aquarium Cryptocoryne often clears all leaves. Regular water changes (1/5-1/4 aquarium volume) must be carried out when the Cryptocoryne contained in a relatively hard water. In an aquarium with soft water is better only add water to replace evaporated.
Cryptocoryne has low lighting. Prolonged shading does not cause her injury, but the intensity and duration depends on the brightness of the lighting color of the leaves. With a lack of light is lost striped leaves, purple color of their underside disappears, the plant becomes pale green. Artificial lighting can be used fluorescent lamps type LB whose capacity should be at least 0.3-0.4 W per 1 liter volume. Highlighting incandescent enhances red color leaves. Natural light, especially sunlight, significantly improves the appearance of the plant. Daylength should be not less than 12 hours.
For good growth Cryptocorynes silting soil is very important. In poor soil, the plant develops very slowly and does not reach a significant size. The particle size of the substrate substantially irrelevant. Very pebble better not to apply, as a rough substrate radical offspring developing at a very close distance from the mother plant and begin to interfere with each other. When planting in the ground under the new roots should enclose lumps of clay or a mixture of clay and peat. Soil layer does not need to be laid thinner 5 cm.
Mineral supplements in good silty soil has no significant effect on plant growth. In that case, if the aquarium form dense thickets crypts, natural nutrients in the soil may not be enough. Then require regular, weekly best, dressing complex mineral fertilizers, which should constitute the basis of nitrogen and trace elements.
In vitro Cryptocoryne related reproduces only vegetatively. From the thickets, which is formed around the mother plant, separated young plants with 3-4 leaves and carry them to a new location.
In humid greenhouse plant grows somewhat better than in the aquarium. For cultivation in paludariums needs nourishing soil temperature below 26 ° C, bright light. Ground crypts form less beautiful than its aqueous form, grown under favorable conditions.