Crypt Beckettii - Cryptocoryne beckettii - Live Aquatic Plant

Crypt Beckettii - Cryptocoryne bekettii

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Motherland : Sri Lanka, along the fast flowing rivers in sandy soil containing gravel. During flowering is due to shoaling of the water. Leaf up to 15 cm in length. Lamina top olive-green, maybe with dark green oblique strokes on both sides of the main vein, below pale green, reddish or light purple, 8-12 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, lanceolate, margins even or slightly wavy, base rounded to cordate, apex acute . Petal covered flat or hooked at the apex, yellowish to brownish color, with purple- brown throat. Water is preferably 22-24 ° C, RH 4-15 °. Planted in the front group and average plans.