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Cryptocoryne bullosa

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Cryptocoryne Bullosa is a bushy and compact aquarium plant with attractive broad green leaves with unusual veins throughout and sturdy stems. Cryptocoryne bullosa extended to the north- west coast of the island of Borneo in the basin of the river Radzhang. Grows in the water column. Title saccately received for thickening on the upper side of the leaf blade. It is a perennial aquatic plant has oval- elongated rhizome thick at the base of 6-8 mm. Leaves petiolate, simple, oblong- lanceolate, lush green, to 11 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter at the base rounded to cordate, the edges very wavy; main rib and thick stands, lateral veins are clearly visible, just noticeable to 7 veins. Petioles rounded, 10-20 cm long, dark green with purple lines. Peduncle short tube at the base and covered the top of the narrowed, the upper part is not more than 1 cm in length. During gestation base of the tube expands. Petal 1.5-2.5 cm long, lanceolate, purple, lightly wrapped to the top, with a short tail. In flower pistils 5-6 oval stigmas , which are arranged in a circle, and above them at a distance of 5 mm is about 40 stamens. Seeds ovoid shape with a rough surface. The plant grows well and reproduce in an aquarium with water level no more than 30 cm, on a normal soil, with moderate light, water hardness 6-8 °, pH 6-6.5 and a temperature of 24-27 ° C; requires aeration. Best results can be achieved by cultivating plants in a clay pot, using sand and clay soil with the addition of peat crumbs and 2-3 pieces of birch charcoal. Bottom of the pot is filled river gravel ( 5-7 mm in size, thickness (15-20 mm ), then it poured sand and clay soil ( thickness 50-60 mm) and coarse river sand. This kind Cryptocorynes unpretentious, can grow and multiply by lamplight, more suitable for the foreground of the aquarium.

Криптокорина буллоза, Криптокорина  пузыревидная (Cryptocoryne bullosa)