Cryptocoryne walkeri var. legroi - Cryptocoryne walkeri Schott - Live Aquatic Plant

Cryptocoryne legroi - Cryptocoryne walkeri Schott

Motherland : Sri Lanka . The plant grows up to 20cm long, well-developed root system, stem short. In plants grown in non-immersed, oval leaves, up to 9 cm long, 3 cm wide, base oval to heart-shaped. To the tops of the leaves narrow and end in sharp ends, the upper side of the leaf from dark green to olive green, the bottom - from pale green to reddish-brown, longitudinal and lateral veins reddish. Leaves sit on slender, brown- red stalks. Petiole length somewhat greater length of the sheet. Lower and middle parts of the flower painted in a reddish- brown color, the upper part is yellow, with a very pale yellow throat, the top ends of the flower slightly upturned tail.
Submerged plant size decreases, the leaves become more elongated, from pale green to dark olive green. This species grows well in an aquarium in wet and dry condition in the water, but it is better submerged. When the content of Surfaced requires shaded condition, warm and humid air. In this case the plant should be especially protected from the direct rays and large temperature fluctuations.

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