Crypt Lutea (Cryptocoryne lutea) - Live Aquatic Plant

Crypt Lutea (Cryptocoryne lutea)

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Family - Araceae
Genus - Cryptocoryne
Distribution - Sri Lanka
Plant Type - rhizome
Light Requirements - medium
Placement - midground
Hardiness/Difficulty - moderate
Native to central Sri Lanka, a marsh plant. Primarily found on the banks of fast-flowing streams and rivers, flooded forests, or in slow-flowing streams / rivers. Adapted to emersed and submersed growth dependent on seasonal flooding. Moderate care level, requiring soft to moderately hard water, low to medium light and regular fertilization. Attaining up to 15-20 cm in height, the Crypt Lutea has a more rigid, upright growth. Growth is slow, may take six months to create runners. Dark green leaves. Thick rhizome, propagate by runners in the substrate. Flowers produced when grown emersed.
Prefer slightly acidic to slightly basic pH and medium to hard water, known to grow well in shade or higher light conditions. Moderate light and nutrient rich substrate recommended for optimum growth. Excellent midground, side plant or ends of bogwood.
Understanding Crypt melt - all Cryptocoryne species require stable water parameter and light conditions. Once planted, crypts should not be moved. It generally takes up to 30 days for a crypt to become established. Within a couple days of planting, any significant change in temperature, pH, hardness, nutrient, light intensity or duration, or root disturbance may cause the plant to 'melt' and disintegrate to mush. If this occurs, the roots tend to live, and new leaves may appear within several days or weeks, sometimes months.

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