(Cryptocoryne Wendtii 'Brown') Crypt Wendtii Brown - Live Aquatic Plant

(Cryptocoryne Wendtii 'Brown') Crypt Wendtii Brown

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Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Brown' is a beautiful brown variety of Cryptocoryne wendtii from Sri Lanka. It reaches 15-25 cm and each roset becomes 10-15 cm wide. It is a mistake to believe that Cryptocorynes require soft water. In large parts of Sri Lanka the water is hard, so Sri Lanka Cryptocorynes are almost all suitable for hard water.
Common Name: Crypt wendtii brown
Proper Name: Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Brown'
Category: Rosette Plants
Temperature: 22 - 30 C
PH: 5.0 - 7.0
Lighting: Low
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: Sri Lanka
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground

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