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Crypt Wendtii - (Cryptocoryne wendtii var. jahnelii)

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Cryptocoryne wendtii var. jahnelii plant, is quite popular among aquarists, which belongs to the family Araceae, the genus Cryptocoryne (Cryptocorýne). This kind of crypts - a very attractive plant that will enhance any aquarium.
In nature, you can find a Cryptocoryne Wendt in the swamps and lakes in the south-east Asia. Academic Rataj Subpart K. Cryptocorynes this species into five types, which differ from each other by color and shape of leaves. Among aquarists cultivated four kinds of plants.
Cryptocoryne Wendt adapts well to various conditions of existence. Plant, content detention conditions, forms shrub height of 25-30 cm should be noted that the appearance of the bush crypts will vary depending on the changing conditions of its environment. The first - the winner of the oblong leaves whose color ranges from olive to dark green, the second - a more elongated leaf brown color.
Under the terms of the content of Cryptocoryne Wendt is not very whimsical. It will feel good and in a small aquarium, but then the size of the plants will be small. This plant is best planted in the center or at the front window. Given that Cryptocoryne - resident tropical waters, best of all it will grow in water with a temperature of 24-28 º C. Cryptocoryne wendtii var. jahnelii is able to survive at lower temperatures, but then its growth will slow down significantly. This plant is very undemanding to the composition of the water, but prefers stiffness from 9 to 16 º. In terms of soft water (hardness below 4 º), this kind of crypts may lose leaves, but it is smaller than other species Cryptocoryne suffering from disease (plant foliage resets due to abrupt changes in environmental conditions). This plant is good because it does not need to frequently change the water in the aquarium, it is perfectly developed and the old, and in fresh water. Cryptocoryne wendtii not respond well to direct sunlight, so do not put it in the aquarium, located near the window. Good about themselves will feel this plant and at low light or in the shade of other plants. Plant color with not much change. Aquarium, where growing Cryptocoryne, can be illuminated by fluorescent lamps, and incandescent lamps. In that case, if the aquarist uses fluorescent lamps, they definitely need to be alternated with incandescent lamps. Lighting power is calculated from the volume of the tank and should be at least 0.3 W / l.
Cryptocoryne wendtii prefers light day of 12 hours. A soil that plants develop well in it, should be quite silty. If this plant is planted in a new aquarium, then dressing it is simply necessary. It responds well to fertilizer from a mixture of peat, coal and clay or silt entering the aquarium. Cryptocoryne prefers this substrate in the form of small pebbles or large river sand. If the substrate is composed of very large particles, the daughter plants will form very close to the parent hive, as a consequence of the lack of nutrients the plant may die. Layer of soil must be greater than five centimeters, as Cryptocoryne Wendt has a very powerful and well-developed root system. Bush crypts may well exist without mineral supplements, but will be grateful to introduce small amounts of trace elements such as manganese, ferrous iron, molybdenum, copper and boron.
This plant can be grown in a greenhouse, but there's this kind of crypts will not look as impressive as in the aquarium, but it will grow and develop faster. And besides, in the greenhouse Cryptocoryne may bloom, which does not happen in an aquarium. For its successful existence in the greenhouse, soil needs a very wet and boggy. Substrate should include grassy land, humus, peat and sand. Cover the plant should be bright, but diffused light. And even if Cryptocoryne grown in the greenhouse, it is bad moves moving in the aquarium. But, interestingly, in conditions of artificial content is still not able to get seeds of this plant. Therefore aquarists can propagate only vegetatively Crypt wendtii : rhizome or divide it or take basal offspring. After the young plant will leaf 2-3 , it can be separated from the mother and send it to a new location.

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