Cryptocoryne wendtii var. nana - Live Aquatic Plant

Cryptocoryne wendtii var. nana

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Cryptocoryne wendtii var. Nana - a dwarf variety of popular and widespread Cryp wendtii. By and compact size and high adaptation abilities can be considered a universal plant, suitable for cultivation in containers of different volume aquatic lovers of all skill levels.
Comes from Southeast Asia .
In a culture planted in the front and middle (depending on the size of the container) plans aquarium, where it forms dense thickets scenic squat height of about 10 cm.
Optimal water parameters : T = 24-28 ° C, dGH to 15 °, pH 6.5-7.5. Lighting moderate to bright. Clay desirable soft, rich in humus. The new aquarium with enough silty substrate requires the use of clay and torfosoderzhaschih and designed specifically for Cryptocoryne fertilizing. After transplantation recovers quickly and start to grow.
Vegetatively propagated basal layering.