Crypt Wendtii 'Bronze' - Cryptocoryne wendtii var. tropica - Live Aquatic Plant

Crypt Wendtii 'Bronze' Cryptocoryne wendtii var. tropica

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Family - Araceae
Genus - Cryptocoryne
Distribution - Cultivar
Plant Type - rhizome
Light Requirements - medium
Placement - midground
Hardiness/Difficulty - moderate
Cryptocoryne wendtii ' Tropica' was created by Tropica Nurseries in Denmark. It has large bronze colored leaves with hammered texture. Grows according to available light. Considered one of the easiest crypt species to grow. Cryptocoryne wendtii ' Tropica' grows well in any substrate, with ideal growth and leaf color in enriched substrate. When grown in an open space with bright light the leaves will virtually lie on the bottom. Like most other Sri Lanka Cryptocorynes, it also grows well in hard water.
Understanding Crypt melt - all Cryptocoryne species require stable water parameter and light conditions. Once planted, crypts should not be moved. It generally takes up to 30 days for a crypt to become established. Within a couple days of planting, any significant change in temperature, pH, hardness, nutrient, light intensity or duration, or root disturbance may cause the plant to 'melt' and disintegrate to mush. If this occurs, the roots tend to live, and new leaves may appear within several days or weeks, sometimes months.

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