Echinodorus Aflame - Live Aquatic Plant

Echinodorus Aflame

price $7.99 small - $9.99 middle - $16.99 mother plant
Origin: Breeding shape, origin unknown
Plant Type: rosette with lanceolate leaves and leaves twisted
Paint plants: dark green dark brown bright red purple red color of young leaves
Description: Echinodorus 'Aflame' - a selection of know-how. It has a beautiful wavy leaves maroon on both sides. We have acquired a copy of freeboard had round leaves with heart-shaped neckline, a diameter of 6-7 cm petiole average (8-10 cm in an adult specimen) long, graceful leaves collected in the outlet, fairly dense, pink roots.
The resulting spike in the kids quickly got accustomed to the aquarium. Underwater elongated leaves have turned, the color maroon on both sides, very bright in the light, appeared venation somewhat reminiscent of Echinodorus x barthii.
Echinodorus Aflame

Conditions of the ordinary, intensive coverage does not extend much petioles of the leaves. In the aquarium, young shrubs to 15 cm tall with a lot of dark purple leaves look very decorative in the middle ground, forming a bright spot that attracts attention. Mature shrubs reach a height of 25-35 cm, petioles increase (more or less depending on the light tank), but Echinodorus 'Aflame' continues to be the bright spot.