Argentine Sword (Echinodorus argentinensis) - Live Aquatic Plant

Argentine Sword (Echinodorus argentinensis)

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Popular Name: Argentine Sword
Scientific Name: Echinodorus argentinensis
Family Tree: Echinodorus
Place in Aquarium: Foreground Plant
Maximum Size: 60.00 Inches
Reproduction/Propagation: Rootstock or Rhizome
Recommended Tank Size: 400.00 Litre
Recommended Lighting: Bright
Recommended Substrate: Gravel
Water Parameters:
Tempareture in Centigrade: 21.00 - 28.00
Tempareture in Fahrenheit: 69.80 - 82.40
Ph: 5.70 8.90
Water Hardness (dGH): 4.00 18.00
Place of Origin: South America
Natural Habitats: In the wild it grows in sticky mud along rivers.
Care: It prefers a sandy soil and sub-tropical temperatures (though it will grow in warmer waters). Medium to high light. It forms pseudo-stolons which root easily. Grows well submerse and propagates easily. In emerse conditions it seems to be dwarfed and may not grow so well
Comment: Echinodorus argentinensis needs a deep rich substrate and good light. It will withstand sub-tropical - tropical temperatures. It may be too big for the average aquarium; the leaves soon growing out of the water. Supplement these with iron and CO2 if possible. Seems to prefer soft to hard water.

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