Echinodorus barthii (double red) - Live Aquatic Plant

Echinodorus barthii (double red)

price - middle $5.99 - mother $10.99
The cultivar Echinodorus ‘Barthii’ is a decorative and beautiful solitary plant for large aquariums. It becomes 25-50 cm tall and the whole rosette 20-30 cm wide. The leaves change colour from dark-red in the youngest leaves to dark-green in the oldest. The colour develops well when the light intensity is high and there are sufficient micro-nutrients in the aquarium. A nutritious bottom and CO2 addition promote growth. This plant takes a lot of light from plants underneath, so it must be pruned occasionally. It used to be sold as "Double Red''.
Origin: Cultivar
Type: Rosette
Growth: Medium
Height: 25 cm - 50 cm
Width: 20 cm - 30 cm
Light demands: 0.25 Watt per liter
CO2 demands: 3-5 mg per liter

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