Echinodorus Berteroi - Live Aquatic Plant

Echinodorus Berteroi

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Echinodorus berteroi has the distinction of being one of the most variable species in its genus and also one of the most agreeable sword plants available for cultivation. E. berteroi is usually found in marshes and shallow pools of water that normally dry out during the summer. As the water recedes, emergent growth develops, along with inflorescences that produce seeds. The plants usually die after flowering, and juvenile plants begin to grow when the pools fill again in spring.
Hardiness: Easy
Light Needs: Medium
Plant Structure: Rosette
Family: Alismataceae
Genus: Echinodorus
Region: Americas
Location: North and South America
Size: Up to 28 inches tall
Growth Rate: Medium
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes

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