Echinodorus Harbii - Live Aquatic Plant

Echinodorus Harbii

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Originating from Central America the Echinodorus Harbii is an attractive plant with oval shaped leaves supported by trim, slender stems. A deep green in colour these aquatic plants grow well when planted in a good, rich substrate such as Oliver Knott Nature Soil or one of the other branded substrates.
Due to their size we recommend they are planted in the middle or the background depending on the size of the aquarium. They work particularly well when planted with other Echindorus of different shades to create a subtle mix of textures and colours. Try scattering some pebbles such as Zen Serano Pebbles around the base for added beauty.
• Preferred water temperature is 22-30 degrees.
• Ideal water chemistry is pH 6-7.5
• Can be kept in medium to a high light environment.
• Suitable in both CO2 and non CO2 tanks.
• Mid ground plant.

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