Echinodorus 'Paul Klocker' - Live Aquatic Plant

Echinodorus 'Paul Klocker'

price - small $5.99, $12.99 mother plant
Family - Alismataceae.
The plant received the nursery Zoologica.
Hybrid E. x 'Red Flame' and E. x 'Kleiner Bär'.
Spotted dark green leaves have a dark red pattern. In the greenhouse grows about 60 cm tall. In the aquarium, about 30-50 cm tall and has elliptical leaves.
CONDITIONS Lighting: Strong 0.7-1.0 W / L
Temperature: 18-30 ° C
Total hardness: medium hardness 8-12 GH
Carbonate hardness: soft 4-8 KH
Acid reaction of water: neutral pH 7

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