Echinodorus “Red Flame” - Live Aquatic Plant

Echinodorus “Red Flame”

price - middle $7.99, mother plant $24.99
This plant display dark red spots on reddish brown leaves. As the leaves age they will turn to a basic green but the mixture of the two colourations makes for a great display. They are undemanding apart from requiring nutrients in the substrate and are very hardy in the aquarium but to get the correct growth rate, always supply the right level of lighting.
Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Moderate to High
Placement: Background
Water Conditions: 72-83° F, KH 3-8, pH 6.5-7.5
Propagation: Rhizome Division, Adventitious Plants, Side Shoots on Rhizome
Max. Size: 11"
Color Form: Green, Red
Supplements: High Quality Aquarium Fertilizer
Origin: Farm Raised
Family: Alismataceae
Echinodorus “Red Flame”

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