Echinodorus «Yellow Sun» - Live Aquatic Plant

Echinodorus «Yellow Sun»

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Echinodorus «Yellow Sun»
Description of the plant: an artificial hybrid, large rhizome plant. Underwater leaf blade at a more or less long petiole, broad, ovate, cordate, length 20 cm, width 15 cm, yellowish-green with a brownish patina and diffuse light brown speckles, the young leaves of pale red veins. Flower stalks surface with subsidiaries plants.
Plant Care: variety, is similar to Cordifolius, with brown color, growing at a fast pace, forms branchy outlet. Intense light and nutritious ground stimulate growth. Water is soft to hard. Plant Propagation: subsidiary plants.
Application: solitaire plant for large aquariums. Rating: hardy variety, is prone to the formation of air leaves. The natural plant height is 20 cm. The minimum recommended amount of aquarium 100 liters. The growth rate of Echinodorus «Yellow Sun» average. Recommended temperature settings 22-28 C.

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