Brazilian Waterweed - Elodea densa - Live Aquatic Plant

Elodea densa

Price $4.99 (bunch 5-6 x stems)
Egeria densa is an ageless aquarium plant that has remained popular among beginning hobbyists. Egeria densa was originally found in South and Central America, and since 1915 has become widely available to the world. It uses in the aquarium stretches from aesthesis to functional utility. More often than not, Egeria densa is used more often to oxygenate the water and to absorb excess nutrients rather than as an aquascaping plant.
Scientific Name: Egeria densa
Common Name: Elodea
Difficulty: Very Easy
CO2 Requirements: Very Low
Lighting Requirements: Very Low
Plant Arrangement: Background
Growth Rate: Moderate
Family: Hydrocharitaceae
Genus: Egeria
Origin: South America
Plant Type: Stem
Water Hardness: Medium (GH = 9-13 dH)

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