Phoenix moss “Fissidens fontanus” - Live Aquatic Plant

Phoenix moss “Fissidens fontanus”

Price $9.99 (5x5 cm)
Phoenix moss “Fissidens fontanus”
Family: Fissidentaceae
Temperature: 18-32 °C;
pH: 6.0-8.0;
Lighting: from middle to high;
Hardiness: Easy;
Growth Rate: Middle;

A newly 'discovered' aquatic moss, Fissidens fontanus which originates from USA. It is a very nice fissidens species and it is truely aquatic. The best part is that the rhizoids of Fissidens fontanus would cling on readily to the woods or stones after a while, and so doesn't require frequent re-tying of the moss. Coupled with the fact that this fissidens is small in size and not very fast growing, one can see the potential of using Fissidens fontanus to cover the driftwood and bogwood and create a natural aquarium landacape. Once the fissidens settled in and take 'root', it would virtually be maintenance free.