(Glossostigma elatinoides) Glossostigma - Live Aquatic Plant

Glossostigma elatinoides

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Glossostigma elatinoides originates from the waterways of New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania. It is a highly desired foreground plant for any type of planted aquarium layout, but its true popularity lies in Japanese Nature Style Aquariums. Glossostigma elatinoides was first introduced to the hobby by Japanese Aquascaper Takashi Amano in the early 1980s. Amano showcased this plant in his Iwagumi and Nature Style Aquariums, where the flat and compact growth of the Glossostigma elatinoides enraptured aquascapers. At that time, this plant was the smallest foreground species available for planted aquariums.
(Glossostigma elatinoides) Glossostigma

Hardiness: Moderate
Light Needs: High
Plant Structure: Stem
Family: Phrymaceae
Genus: Glossostigma
Region: Australasia
Location: Australia
Size: 2-3 cm (1-1.5in)
Growth Rate: Fast
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes

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