Senegal teaplant - Gymnocoronis spilanthoides - Live Aquatic Plant

Senegal teaplant - Gymnocoronis spilanthoides

Price $4.99 (bunch 5-6 x stems)
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides
Family: Asteraceae
Common names: Senegal teaplant, temple plant
Hardiness: Easy
Light Needs: Low
Plant Structure: Stem
Genus: Gymnocoronis
Region: South America
Size: Stem width 30 - 60 cm
Growth Rate: Fast
Temperature: 18-28 C
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides is one of the relatively few members of the very large family Asteraceae to be kept as an aquarium plant. Native to the southern half of South America, it has since become established in warm regions elsewhere in the world, often to the detriment of native plants. In the aquarium trade, it has long been cultivated and is regularly sold, even in shops not specializing in aquatic plants.

Gymnocoronis spilanthoides

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