Dwarf baby tears - Hemianthus callitrichoides - Live Aquatic Plant

Hemianthus callitrichoides

Price $8.99 (1 plastic box 5x5 cm with 100+ plants)
Hemianthus callitrichoides, sometimes known as ‘dwarf baby tears’, or more commonly as ‘HC’, was discovered by Tropica founder Holger Windeløv during an expedition to a small rocky steam east of Havana, Cuba; it was described in aquaristic literature for the first time in 2003. Since its introduction into the hobby, H. callitrichoides has become increasingly popular and a foreground plant of choice, making this once rare plant moderately easy to obtain.
Hardiness: Moderate
Light Needs: High
Plant Structure: Stem
Family: Linderniaceae
Genus: Hemianthus
Region: Central/South America
Location: Greater Antilles (Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico), Bahamas
Size: Individual stem width: 0.5cm (0.25in)
Growth Rate: Medium
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes

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