Dwarf hygrophila - Hygrophila polysperma - Live Aquatic Plant

Dwarf hygrophila - Hygrophila polysperma

Price $3.99 (bunch of 5-6 stems)
Height: 25-40 cm
Width: 10-20 cm
Growth Rate: Fast
Placement: Mid-ground and Background
Lighting Needs: Low
Temperature: 18-30 °C
pH: 5 - 8
Difficulty: Easy

Originally native to India and Malaysia, Hygrophila polysperma, was introduced to the aquarium trade in the mid 1940s, where it has flourished and become one of the most popular aquarium plants. Initially marketed with the name Oriental Ludwigia, it is now most commonly known by the name of Dwarf Hygro. Other names for this plant include Dwarf hygrophila, East Indian hygrophila, Indian Swamp Weed, Indian Waterweed, and Miramar Weed.

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