Ambulia - Limnophila heterophylla - Live Aquatic Plant

(Limnophila heterophylla) Ambulia

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Limnophila heterophylla – synonyms L. reflexa, L. roxburghii, Columnea heterophylla, incorrectly Ambulia heterophylla. From India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Indonesia, South China and Japan. Aquatic submerged platn, thickly leaved to 50 cm long, produce green tufts. There are often long whtie roots in the nodes of the stems. The leaves are in whorls which usually average 6-8 and divide twice in the segments. The emersed parts of the stems have smaller leaves which are often stiff and sappy, dark green and sharply dentate, undivided (heterophylly). Flowers are small, singly sessile in the axis of the leaves. The have 5 sepals, 5 white bilabiate petals and are purple striped in the mouth. All L. species do not make great demands to grwoing conditions. Suffer from debris settling on leaves, causing inferior parts of the stem to turn brownish and the leaves sometimes fall off. 68-76, neutral to midly acid pH 6.5-7.0, 5-25 DH, but does better in mild water. Propagates vegetatively from cuttings.

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