Round Pelia - Lomariopsis lineata - Live Aquatic Plant

Round Pelia - Lomariopsis lineata

Price $ 6.99 (plastic box 5x5 cm)
Family: Lomariopsis (Lomariopsis lineata)
Temperature: 18-30 °C;
pH: 6.0-8.0;
Lighting: low/high;
Hardness tolerance: easy;
Growth Rate: Medium;
Round Pelia - Lomariopsis lineata is a liverwort and multiplies by splitting and attaching to something to grow on. Wire mesh is made of stainless steel and is safe to use under water. Pelia is very easy plant to grow and will thrive in all water conditions. The growth is quite slow. Great option for low maintenance aquariums. Low Light or High Light CO2 or no CO2 Cold or Tropical Fertilized or not.

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