Needle-Leaf Ludwigia - Ludwigia arcuata - Live Aquatic Plant

Ludwigia arcuata

Price $ 4.99 (bunch 5-6 x stems)
Family: Onagraceae
Scientific Name: Ludwigia arcuata
Common Name: Needle-Leaf Ludwigia
Difficulty: Moderate
CO2 Requirements: High
Lighting Requirements: High
Plant Arrangement: Midground
Growth Rate: Moderate
Origin: North America
Plant Type: Stem
Water Hardness: Soft (GH = 4-8 dH)
Size: Individual stem width: 3-5cm (1-2in) Growth Rate: Fast
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes
Though it is one of the most delicate-looking Ludwigia species, Ludwigia arcuata is also somewhat of a mainstay in the aquatic plant hobby. It is normally available as Needle-Leaf Ludwigia and can be procured through most internet aquatic plant retailers.
Needle-Leaf Ludwigia is a mainstay aquascaping plant that is highly versatile in a layout. It often looks best in the midground, grouped in a dense stem cluster some stems. It responds very well to trimming, and can be manicured to form round hedges and bushes.

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