Ludwigia glandulosa "perennis" - Live Aquatic Plant

Ludwigia glandulosa perennis

Price $ 4.99 (3 x stems)
Family: Onagraceae
Homeland: North America
Height: 20-40 cm
Width: 10-15 cm
Light requirements: high
Temperature : 18-28C
Hardness tolerance: average-hard
pH tolerance: neutral
Easiness: average
Ludwigia glandulosa "perennis" is a rather new aquarium plant although it has been known and described by Linné. It develops whorls of heavy red coloured leaves which require high light intensities to remain beautiful red. It grows quite slowly compared to other Ludwigia species. If Ludwigia glandulosa "perennis" grows too tall you just have to cut off the top which is then replanted in the substrate. The mother plant soon sets new adventitious shoots and thereby becomes more bushy.