Myriophillum mattogrossense - Live Aquatic Plant

Myriophillum mattogrossense

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One of the most attractive plant . Its high quality decorative due to the comparatively squat ( shoots up above 30-40 cm - a rarity) and finely dissected light green foliage. Being stranded at the aquarium tight group , the plant quickly forms a delicate bushes , forming a contrast bright field, which introduces a variety of color palette to the picture of the underwater garden. In nature, forms small populations , occasionally occurring in the state of Mato Grosso ( Brazil) , in Peru and Ecuador. In the culture is used as a classic long stem : planted in dense groups (10-15 shoots) in the background of low aquariums or along the midline of the spacious container height of 40-50 cm in the deeper vessels put it impractical because it would be difficult to provide lighting plant the desired intensity. And without a strong light and long (at least 8-10 hours) of daylight grow conditionally specimens with high decorative almost impossible. Among the other conditions that guarantee the normal growth of plant should pay attention to the nutritional value of soil, keeping temperature between 22 - 30C , the desirability of making regular liquid fertilizers and additional CO2 supply . Stiffness and active reaction of water is not of fundamental importance , but preferred are pH 6.0-7.2 and 5 - 12o dGH . Vegetative reproduction - cuttings .

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