Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) - Live Aquatic Plant

Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes)

Price $3.99 (10x small plants with a diameter of 2 cm)
$3.99 (4 x medium-sized plants with a diameter of 5 cm)
$3.99 (2x larger plants with a diameter of 10 cm)
Motherland - the tropical areas of Africa. One of the most interesting of floating plants. It forms a large rosette of leaves velvety wavy blue-green color. Large specimens reach a height of 15 cm, diameter of the rosette of leaves up to 25 cm root system of plants is well developed and can be lowered to a considerable depth. In intertwining roots are finding it a perfect hideaway fry of many fish. Piste widespread in aquarium hobbyists. In spring and summer, the plant develops more rapidly and reaches a maximum size. Piste is growing worse in the winter. Piste must contain in a tropical aquarium. The optimum water temperature of 24 to 30 ° C. In the cold-water growth slows significantly reduced plant size. Water characteristics - stiffness and active reaction - no big deal, but the stiffness of more than 12 ° Pista grows slightly worse. The root system Piste perfectly purifies the water, collecting particles of haze. Water change should be performed 3-4 times a month. The main requirement for the content of this plant is a bright light. Piste prefers natural and especially sunlight. With artificial lighting wattage must be very large. Use only fluorescent lamps, the power of which shall be not less than 3 watts per 1 dm2 of the surface of the water. Even at relatively bright light plant is not so large as in the wild. Incandescent lamps are not recommended because they give off a lot of heat and can cause leaf burn, even if they are far away from the plant. Daylight hours must be at least 12 hours. It is extremely important for the Piste humidity. Therefore, aquariums, where it is grown, should be tightly closed glass or special high cap, on which are placed the fixtures. The root system Piste reaches a length of 25-30 cm Most often it does not reach the bottom, freely ranging in the water column, so the nature of the soil for the plants is not important.

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