Ranunculus Inundatus - Live Aquatic Plant

Ranunculus Inundatus

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Ranunkulus Inundatus - elegant , undersized plant with non-standard form of leaves and beautiful appearance. Easy reproduction may be a great option for a planted aquarium. Leaf shape in the form of snowflakes, has a very unusual light green color in the form. With the right content is growing quite rapidly in the aquarium. On each stem is formed by one. Rhizome spread along ground. It is recommended to use the potty with moderate soil organic matter content. The layer thickness of not less than 3-5 cm Ideal for planting in the middle and foreground of the aquarium. Planted plant groups at a distance of 2-4 cm from each other. This plant can add variety to your herbalist. When Ranunkulis grows, the stems are virtually invisible and gives the impression that the leaves are kept in the water column itself. Among the parameters of water does not put forward specific requirements. The temperature should be between 20-29 C. Ranunkulus Inundatus requires moderate to bright light, whereas its height remains small. With a shortage of light slows down development, and stems begin to elongate up. To stimulate growth, you can use CO2. When using fluorescent tubes, their thickness should be 0.5-0.7 W / liter. Daylight hours at least 12 hours. Ranunkulus multiplies two ways. You can just wait for the suckers, but you can use a method dividing rhizomes. It is cultivated in an aqueous or in an air environment. In the second case blooms yellow flowers. Size: 5-10 cm