Broad Leaf Sagittaria, Sagittaria Chilensis or Chilensis - Sagittaria Platyphylla - Live Aquatic Plant

Sagittaria Platyphylla

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Sagittaria platyphylla is commonly known as Broad Leaf Sagittaria, Sagittaria Chilensis or Chilensis, and is green in color, wide-bladed and grass-like. Sagittaria platyphylla is an ideal foreground plant for large aquariums or in the middle of smaller aquariums. It forms a slightly dispersed group with its runners. A nutritious bottom promotes growth. If there is a shortage of micro-nutrients the plant turns pale, indicating that the aquarium may need fertiliser. This is a robust starter plant which is also suitable for the hard water that is found in many aquariums.
Plant Family: Alismataceae
Plant Origin: North America
Height: 15-40 cm
Width: 10-25 cm
Temperature: 19-26°C
GH: 1-13 dH
pH: 5.5-8
Light: Low/Medium - High
Growth Rate: Medium
Demands: Easy

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