Java Moss - Vesicularia dubyana - Taxiphyllum barbieri - Live Aquatic Plant

Java Moss - Vesicularia dubyana- Taxiphyllum barbieri

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Java Moss - Vesicularia Dubyana -Taxiphyllum barbieri
Location: Southeast Asia
PH: 5.8 - 7.5
Temperature: 24-28 C
Water Hardness: 2 - 15dh
Size: 5x5 cm
Loc. In Aquarium: Foreground
Lighting Requirements: low to high
Difficulty: Easy
Vesicularia Dubyana is another very popular and undemanding aquarium moss. Good beginner plant, it can be cultivated in almost any kind of water.
Also known as Java Moss, this plant has a deep green color with tiny leaves. Java Moss is intensively branched with lots of tiny stems surrounded by rhizoids and leaves. The rhizoids are used by the moss to attach itself to substrates. Vesicularia Dubyana do not have any role in nutrient absorption. Because it has not roots, Vesicularia Dubyana should not be buried in gravel. Cultivation of this plant should be done by spreading a thin layer of Java Moss on top of a solid substrate as a rock or a piece of root. This can be done by attaching it to the substrate with a thin fishing line or a cotton thread. Although it does not require strong lighting, it should be spread equally so every stems have access to the light. After a few months, it will anchor itself to its substrate and the fishing line could be removed. Some hobbyists have experienced good success in letting Java Moss float at the surface of the aquarium or in stapling it to a piece of driftwood. Almost any substrate can be used for Java Moss to attach to (even the aquarium glass!). This plant can be grown submerged or emersed. In the wild, Vesicularia Dubyana grows on the trees and stones of the very humid region of Southeast Asia.