Christmas moss - Vesicularia Montagnei - Live Aquatic Plant

Christmas moss - Vesicularia Montagnei

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Scientific Name: Vesicularia montagnei
Common Name: Christmas Moss
Difficulty: Easy
CO2 Requirements: Low
Lighting Requirements: Low
Plant Arrangement: Variable
Growth Rate: Slow
Family: Hypnaceae
Genus: Vesicularia
Origin: Asia
Plant Type: Moss
Water Hardness: Medium (GH = 9-13 dH)
Christmas Moss is as mysterious as some of the other mosses in the aquarium hobby. There is no consensus on its geographic origins and even the scientific name has a tendency to change. Its growth habits and appearance are just as varied. When grown attached to a piece of driftwood or rock, it forms triangular fronds in the shape of Christmas trees (hence the common name). If allowed to grow free floating, it tends to have a much less organized appearance and the triangular fronds are much less pronounced. In this form, it is often confused for the much more common Java Moss. In lower light, it grows much less densely, and again, is often much less organized in structure. Only under higher light conditions, attached or anchored to an object, does Christmas Moss show its true structure. It will form a pillowy bush of triangular fronds that is very attractive and undemanding.